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Raincoat Girl and Cenobite Models by @Fleshsqueeze

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The demo is also available as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021


Full Release: TBA

Platforms: Windows

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
AuthorSalem Hughes
TagsHorror, Low-poly, Narrative, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes


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Does anyone know if there are other games like this?


Although it's more of a interactive experience than a game itself, it remains very consistent and true of what it pretends to be, that is, a chaotic experience of a "world-ending" scenario. 

The pacing and delivery of the aspects and lore of this MMO, the different people behind it and the general atmosphere around all of this was very well done IMO. I also found the HUD very fitting. It creates that unconfortable space of an archaic game, already past it's expiration date, that pushes that "agony" and despair even further.

It's a shame if this never gets fully done, altought as a quick experience it really works, for me at least.


It is quite unfortunate that this we won't have a full release. The demo was quite an enjoyable experience. :(

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The demo in itself at kinda feels more like a summary of what a dying mmo feels like. I feel it gets the idea across by itself at least. While we'll never know what a full game would've been like I think the demo stands on it's own as a solid mood piece.


Is there really not gonna be a release I saw some new stuff the dev was pushing on his twitter in december.


Is there a reason posted somewhere ? Is the dev okay? I love the demo & really want the full game !

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The dev is fine as far as I'm aware. They hosted the Dying MMO Jam and are currently hosting the Film Festival vol. 1 Jam. I'm not sure if they're still working on Agony of a Dying MMO as there haven't been any clear updates. They post what seems to be work on other games that share the same styling, perhaps this is a purposeful obfuscation but no one can be sure for certain. The fact she hosted the prior jam could mean that it's still happening but with the lack of clear updates it hard to tell.

I took it on faith when others said it was canceled and along with the lack of updates I assumed that the game had been postponed indefinably. I apologize if I fed into any unfounded rumors if it turns out it's still in development... and for the multiple spelling errors in the og post


I am not closing the tab for this game until it's released. This feels like home.


Same Here!



man! who know any mmo games feel like this ?

this this is what i want  

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The only ones I can think of are Worlds.com and Neocron. Both are still playable.

Worlds.com is the OG!


The "demo" is really more of a trailer you walk through, but it's interesting so far. All the characters were funny in their own way and the voice chat really helps to sell it, I just wish it didn't go by so fast. The choppy editing and jumping around makes it very hard to follow, and the HUD covers way too much of the screen. Other than that I liked it for the most part, but I didn't see anything that warrants a stream-safe mode


i played this demo in the haunted ps1 demo disk and was completely blown away at the concept and execution of this game. i found it to be a well told story through the eyes of several gamers that really capture the notion of what its like to be a part of something larger. the commentary that is heard throughout the demo also had me crying from laughter with its satirical and hyperbolized social commentary. i cannot wait for the full game. well done on the demo, it presents a hook that makes me wanting more.


Not so much a 'demo' imo but an interactive trailer but don't let that scare you away, it's very good! It really shows off how surreal this game is gonna be through the various clips it takes us to and the various interactions we see. 

The voice acting is 'rustic' but I think it fits in well with what the creator is going for and has the potential to have very raw and powerful performances. On the other hand it could come off as clumsy and amature-ish but I have faith it will be pulled off well. Even if not, I think this has enough going for it to where even if it's a little lacking it's not really going to hurt the game that much. 

Overall the premise is very interesting, I love the idea of a virtual doomsday and seeing how various players are coping with it which the demo gives us a peek into. Also the mystery of Adam, are they real or are they not? And the 'curse' of the game is also going to be a fun mystery to unravel. 

It is pretty bleak but it has it's moments. "This game was really a lot better before they added Nazis as a playable faction.." got a chuckle out of me so I think this game is going to have some nice dark humor sprinkled in which I'm really looking forward to. 

I wish there was a little bit more in the demo but I understand, it's a small operation. Overall I think this was a good little taste of what's to come and I'm so excited to see the full game. The hardest part is going to be waiting for it!


I'm not sure if I've wanted to experience the conclusion of a game more. Beyond excited to see where this goes. Who is Adam? Does he really exist?


Incredible experience. What a visionary game <3


i didn't think a game could bring such feelings and memories back. Holy shit. i feel like i couldve known the ppl in this game for an eternity and I'm just now parting ways with them even though it's a 15 minute experience


Let me lay it directly on the dotted line about this game. This may be the most sincere effort I've ever experienced. That is what makes it so effective. If the writer/developer had censored their emotional punches in any way it would have seemed theatrically melodramatic, but every moment is one that is familiar to all of us who have been on the internet for the better part of a decade. The developer has an encyclopedic knowledge of internet culture, right down to it's absolute ugliest parts and that's because they care. This game is a reflection of that care. You will feel anywhere from lowkey to highkey bad after playing this game because if you walk around in the world functionally you are not accustomed to caring this much regularly. If any human cared as much as this game cares round the clock it would break them within a week. And yet as heavy as the political context weighs in this game, there's hardly any moralizing or pontification to be found. The game is a shrieking and whispering brutal confrontation of and a sincere, manic and core-dense love letter to the old internet.  It is a reminder that you can feel nostalgia for something that was, and still is, both fundamentally and existentially horrifying.

Absolutely amazing honesty and a gut-wrenching atmosphere to back it up.


It has truly been a long time since a game shook me this much. I'm truly grateful that you've put this out into the world, and I will continue to follow it until it comes out, no matter how long that may take. Thank you again. <3


wow i cannot stress enough that you should be proud of what you've created here - this has really affected me deeply.

you've really diagnosed some of the illnesses that afflict these kinds of spaces. It makes me think of all the young disaffected/atomized people stuck inside right now turning into some of these characters. 

the car ride sequence was the highlight of this and just emotionally devastating to me as someone who's heard/experienced every single part of the conversation(s) before. I think the fact that it's presented so earnestly (almost as if you're just holding up a mirror) makes it so impactful. it made me smile a bit.

i've tried one of your other games and saw that the pacing/cutting technique is a consistent stylistic flair - i think its very strong and allows you to explore all of these different ideas without being clumsy.

you're really talented; no one has ever managed to (not to be cliche but) make art about this very particular and niche experience (referring specifically to the car ride sequence, but also more generally to the western hikikomori/nazi types). 

thanks for putting this out and i can't wait to see what you do in the future.

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this is an amazing comedy.


Brilliant. The surreal visuals, excellent soundtrack, and brilliant writing sell it all. It's very impactful, it left me reeling after I was done. It's not something I'll ever forget, even in this limited demo. It's incredibly affecting as someone who heavily relates with many of the scenarios discussed on an eerily close level. I haven't even replayed and seen if any actions I take might affect it (I didn't do anything but sit and watch for the first playthrough).

However, I think the game's pacing, in this demo at least, is incredibly abrasive and difficult to accept, so to speak. The game is aggressively fast and does not stick on a thread for very long at all and the sudden shift in tone and in topic is such a whirlwind it makes the game hard to keep track of and hard to keep invested. It's unclear if this is a 'vertical slice' of the game, or if the final game is really going to have pacing like this, and if it does, I think that would be to its detriment. The gamut of topics hit, the ways they are written, and the lightning speed at which they are portrayed left me exhausted, and also confused the tone. This was a game where I wasn't sure if at times I should laugh at what I thought MIGHT be a joke, and at every point, it felt incredibly rude TO laugh at what might NOT be a joke and be a very, very real representation of something very, very real that you went through.

Put simply, it's too much. If this is the pacing the final game is planned to have, then it's a game that will be difficult to take seriously because it won't stay in one place for long enough. If this is just the first fifteen minutes of the game, then that's probably fine, but if this is the level the game will beat from beginning to end you'll exhaust your audience by saying too much too quickly and not giving them any time to absorb or think about it.

This is a brilliant work in its current form. It's challenging in a way I've never had a game be, and not in the "this is what games can do" way, but in the way no game has challenged me with its words before. It just needs time to breathe. It needs time to let players sit with what they have heard and process it. At this point, the content beyond the blunt messaging is almost incomprehensible. It's a game I cannot recommend in its current state because of that, and I want it to be a game I recommend to everyone.


Its certainly got a lot of effort poured into it and it shows but i find it really heavy-handed to me with its topics. Kinda feels like being blundgeonned over the head by whatever topics the dev wanted to talk about to a point where its borderline absurd and it kinda feels like a joke more than it trying to be realistic. 


I haven't played a game like this before, I don't think. The topics you deal with in this demo hit so close to my, and I guess many others' experiences with online games. Subcultures that find their place in MMOs, the way these virtual spaces get appropriated by alt-right groups, long-standing rumors about secrets in the game...

You have something very special here and, after playing this demo, I'm sure you can explore these topics with the respect and care that is needed. I'm looking forward to the full game.


Real interested in this game. Very unique concept. Hoping that it gets a release soon, or at the very least a demo.

thanks for you interest in the game! a demo is now available!


Sounds great! Thanks


i'm hyped for this

I can't wait any longer for this game ...... S2


I love the whole idea. I'd love to play this.


The premise is laughable, however the aesthetic itself is very tempting. Best of luck!


I love the aesthetic. I'm totally down with everything about this project. 


Sounds very interesting


I would love to play this whenever a demo is made!

the demo is now available!


very cursed aesthetic :) can't wait to play


This looks amazing just the screenshots are making me feel that deep gut punch that the death of an MMO makes you feel.